Your Immune System

Autumn and winter pose great challenges to our immune system, and our defences are constantly challenged. Our well-meaning bacterial co-inhabitants are of particular importance here, as they can act against unwanted intruders at several central points.

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Oral Microbiome

Immune health from top to toe!

The mouth, nose and throat area is the first station that pathogenic microorganisms and viruses reach from the air, and indeed this area holds a key function in the immune defence. The central bastion of defence is occupied by the beneficial bacteria that reside there. A healthy oral microbiome consists of about 800 to 1,000 different species of bacteria. Its composition varies depending on age and state of health.

Possible consequence: An imbalance develops, a so-called dysbiosis, which leads to the fact that our oral microbiome can no longer adequately fulfil its tasks in the immune defence. Harmful germs and especially viruses can thus multiply in the mouth, nose, throat and ears and even spread throughout the entire body. Especially children and adolescents, whose immune system is not yet fully developed at a young age, are exposed to a large number of unwanted pathogens at nursery and school and often have to struggle with recurring health problems.

An essential strain in the oral microbiome is Streptococcus salivarius K12, from which the mouth, nose and throat benefit

Streptococci are particularly frequently associated with these problems in childhood – but did you know that there are not only “bad” but also “good” representatives of this widespread bacterial species? While pathogenic streptococci cause tonsillitis, lung infections or sinusitis, other representatives of this species have the exact opposite effect. An essential guiding germ strain for the oral microbiome is Streptococcus salivarius K12, from which the mouth, nose and throat benefit.

Tips for a strong immune system

When friends and colleagues start coughing and sneezing, you want to run away. But since it’s hard to avoid people when you’re going about your day at work, grocery shopping and the gym, there are simple tips to boost your immune system and make it part of your daily routine.

Gut Health = Immune Health

Bacterial "defence" against viruses and germs

Our lifestyle strongly influences this bacterial community: unhealthy diets, medications or strong fluctuations of the pH value within the oral cavity, for example, due to high-sugar foods, can negatively influence the oral microbiome and reduce both the diversity and the number of beneficial bacteria.

Many pathogens, harmful substances and toxins enter the intestine through the mouth and from there into the entire body. Due to its enormous total surface area of 300 – 400 m², the intestine has countless points of attack where harmful substances and pathogens can enter the organism – and this is precisely why a strong defence system is crucial here, making the intestine our “immune centre”.

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3 layer intestinal barrier

The 3-layer intestinal barrier forms the most important natural protective shield against unwanted viruses and other germs: our microbiota, i.e. those beneficial bacteria that populate us by the trillions, is the first hurdle for unwanted pathogens of any kind. They act on viruses and germs through the most diverse and sophisticated mechanisms. The intestinal mucosa is the second barrier: it consists of cells that are particularly close together and, as the name suggests, is covered with a layer of mucus that prevents the penetration of unwanted germs – as long as it is intact. The third part of the intestinal defence is the intestine-associated immune system: 70-80 % of all the body’s immune cells are located in this tissue below the intestinal mucosa.

Probiotic bacteria play the most essential role in maintaining the intestinal barrier. In addition, they are able to modulate the body’s own immune cells and some of them can even displace and inactivate unwanted viruses and other germs. Due to these different abilities of defence control, probiotic bacteria and a healthy microbiome are essential in the natural fight against unwanted “invaders”.

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Children and their Immune System

It is not only the genes that parents pass on to their offspring that determine how they develop. The embryo’s immune system is already shaped in the womb because it also comes into contact with antibodies for various pathogens through the mother’s blood. The mother’s intestinal flora also has an effect on how the child’s defences develop.

3 Step Concept for Immune Health

Gut Health = Immune Health

Instead of arming their immune system against the winter, many people let their good habits slide. The freezing cold makes people less inclined to exercise outdoors. In addition, during this time of the year, people tend to eat more sugary and fatty foods.

A vicious circle, because this unhealthy lifestyle has a double negative effect on the body: On the one hand, the bacterial flora in the mouth – the so-called oral microbiome – can be reduced, causing undesirable germs to make their way through the mouth, nose and throat. On the other hand, the beneficial intestinal flora is changed unfavourably and we lack important nutrients (such as vitamin D), which our body needs for a strong defence. Therefore, you should take countermeasures in good time and, in addition to a vitamin-rich diet, also actively support your important “helpers” in the body.

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Step 2: META-CARE® Vitamin C Plus

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is needed for numerous processes in the organism. Its best-known function is as an immune vitamin. Vitamin C makes a valuable contribution to a functioning immune system, also during and after intensive physical activity.

The human body is only able to store vitamin C to a limited extent. Conventional vitamin C preparations are quickly excreted again, so a daily supply of META-CARE® Vitamin C Plus, which is quickly available to the body, is recommended.