06. May 2022

Herbert Hauser

Family Holidays

Before jetting off, parents should prepare for all eventualities, including coming across bad bacteria. This is especially true for holidays abroad!

Holidays are not only a time to relax, but also a valuable opportunity for young and old to share experiences alongside the stress of everyday life. But there are a few things to bear in mind when travelling, because even the journey can quickly become a stress test for the whole family: 25% of children find it painful to equalise the pressure during take-off and landing of an aircraft, and babies and toddlers in particular help themselves by crying and screaming. Pressure equalisation can be actively supported by yawning, chewing or swallowing, and eating and drinking can help.

Travel first-aid kit for the whole family!

Lesen Sie ausgewählte Tipps für einen erholsamen Urlaub für Groß und Klein nach!The range of possible destinations and activities is almost unlimited. Tour operators offer holiday options tailored to every age group: Accommodation suitable for babies, where both the sleeping facilities and the food meet the usual requirements, and numerous offers for the “big kids” take a lot of stress off parents. However, the destination can also be chosen according to completely different aspects, for example, a holiday by the sea or in the mountains is ideal for children with allergies in order to allow their strained respiratory tracts to recover.

Even if your holdiday is spent fairly close to home, you should still be equipped with your travel first-aid kit for emergencies.

Travel First Aid Kit!

A long journey, unfamiliar food and the many new experiences at the holiday destination can easily upset the child’s digestion. Plenty of fluids and exercise, e.g. in the water or on the beach, solve small problems; a gentle tummy massage may also help. The plant world can also be used as a supplement:  Papaya has digestive properties that gently relieve flatulence and constipation. Make sure that your child has a bowel movement at least 3 times a week.

Vacation without frustration

“Montezuma’s revenge” is probably the most unfavourable scenario on holiday: besides diarrhoea, little ones are often plagued by stomach aches and fever. Even if the holiday only takes you to Italy, you should equip your first-aid kit for emergencies and observe important hygiene rules at the holiday destination: Tap water is taboo (even for brushing your teeth), because drinking water is often purified with chlorine or is teeming with germs. Therefore, ice cubes or freshly washed raw fruit and vegetables should also be avoided. It is safe to drink bottled water and to make sure that vegetables, but especially meat and fish, are well cooked. In addition, experts recommend preparing the intestines for the trip with special probiotics – these are already suitable for children and can actually prevent travellers’ diarrhoea – as has been scientifically proven.

Find out more about traveller’s diarrhoea here

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