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For 25 years, Institut Allergosan has developed, researched and distributed products made from natural substances such as probiotic bacteria, botanical extracts and minerals which all have one aim – keeping us healthy, and in particular, keeping our gut healthy. Thanks to the intensive collaboration of the founder of Institut Allergosan, Anita Frauwallner, and renowned scientists in the field of medicine, pharmacy and biochemistry, a naturopathic research and competence centre was established which focuses on our biggest organ, the intestine.

Allergosan products such as OMNi-BiOTiC® and OMNi-LOGiC were developed to contribute to increased vitality, to reducing stress and to helping us live a healthier life – which may also result in weight loss. What is central to our vision of health is the combination of the best nature has to offer and research you can trust. Our products are selected according to the strictest quality criteria and meet the highest standards. The latest findings in probiotic and natural medicine form the basis for our products. Our objective is to find the best solutions available for complex health problems. We want to make our products as innovative and as safe to use as possible so that our customers can reap huge benefits for their health.

A healthy intestine – with “friendly” bacteria – is the key to feeling vitalized. For millennia, doctors have known that our intestines form the basis for healthy living. Today, this basic knowledge has once again become more and more popular, not only when it comes to bowel diseases but also with all sorts of complaints that do not appear related to the intestine at first, such as diabetes and other metabolic diseasesskin problemschronic headaches in addition to mental health problems like depression and burnout.

"Optimal gut health by colonising the bowels with the ‘right' bacteria forms an ideal basis for a life full of vitality."

The founder of the Allergosan Institut, Mag. Anita Frauwallner

The statements about the indications of the individual products have been investigated in studies or correspond to the experience of Institut Allergosan or reports from users. Institut Allergosan provides no guarantee that the respective statements may be used in the respective target country from a legal perspective.

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