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Breast cancer

The miracle of the intestines

Allergies in babies are triggered by antibiotics and antacids

Healthy intestines, fewer allergies

Sports begins in the intestines

The microbiome of the ice age man

How do gut bacteria influence our weight?

Training for the immune system

Gut bacteria and dementia

Staying fit in spring

Intestines on high alert: Intolerance or Allergy?

Genetics or Microbiome?

Stress and gut

How your gut bacteria may protect you from cancer

Probiotics and Parkinson’s disease

Fats and sugars

Stress, go away!

A child’s belly as a tyrant

Share the philosophy

Bacteria from elite athletes’ poop might boost sports performance

Fit and stress-free thanks to strengthened immune defences

Investment in bacteria

Gut health

Nutritional supplements for children

Probiotics and traveller’s diarrhoea

On holiday with children

Travel tips for a stressed gut

Migraine – from the belly?

A mighty immune defence for babies

Is the gut flora making our liver sick?

Cause of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases discovered

Healthy in all weathers

"Bacterial chat"

How gut bacteria change cancer drug activity

Slimming gut bacteria!

Cutting-edge stool diagnostics reveal what’s inside us

Mum’s bacterial heritage

Healthy throughout spring and summer

Optimally provide for your child

The system keeping us immune

On the road with a healthy gut

Ageing with a healthy gut

Unhealthy skin may point towards an unhealthy gut

A healthy life for patients

Health for body, soul, and gut

The gut in high alert

The gut – the root of many weight issues

On the trails of antibiotics

Stay healthy throughout the winter

This happens when you stop eating fibre

Irritation overload

Probiotics: powerful against digestive problems occurring in mother and child

If it just doesn’t to work…

A multispecies probiotic may have beneficial effects on immune function in patients with cirrhosis

Probiotics make operations safer

Commotion in a baby’s belly

Springtime cleanses for a healthy gut

“Mum, it’s so itchy!”

Sport is fun, but can often times makes you ill!

“Wrong” gut bacteria influence digestion and immune system

Allergic childhood

New data on the link between gut bacteria, melatonin, and the circadian clock

Link between gut bacteria and MS discovered

Conserving and restoring the human gut microbiome by increasing consumption of dietary fibre

Should women with gestational diabetes mellitus use probiotics?

Whether gut bacteria dysbiosis is associated with necrotising enterocolitis in very low birthweight infants?

The maternal microbiota drives early postnatal innate immune development

Activation of multiple chemotherapeutic prodrugs by the natural enzymolome of tumour-localised probiotic bacteria

Composition of the gut microbiota modulates the severity of malaria

Among trillions of microbes in the mut, a few are special

Effectiveness of probiotics for preventing necrotising enterocolitis & mortality in premature infants

Last updated: Friday, 04. May 2018

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