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Health begins in the bowels

This recognition is as old as medicine itself. In the 4000 year old writings of Ayurvedic healers, the bowels were already described as the centre of well-being. And this insight is confirmed by modern science. We only feel truly well when our digestion functions properly. Because the bowels with their billions of microorganisms control the majority of metabolic processes in our body. They produce essential vitamins, enzymes and amino acids and they neutralise everything which is harmful which enters our body through food.

Nowhere else in the body does such intensive contact with foreign substances take place as in the bowels. This is where healthy nutrition ends up as well as all the artificial colourings, emulsifiers and preservatives. This is why our bowels require an extremely effective protective barrier in the form of healthy bacteria, so that everything which could harm us does not penetrate the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream.

Pro bios means ‘for life’

The founder of the Allergosan Institute,
Mag. Anita Frauwallner

As early as 100 years ago, the famous Russian doctor and Nobel prize winner Dr. Ilja Metchnikoff said: “Death lies in the bowels”. He had discovered that ethnic groups in the Caucasus who consumed products made with lactic acid fermentation (= probiotics) were healthy and resistant to illness, and lived to a great age.

Now we know why! The bowels contain the body’s best developed defence system. This is where the immune cells are formed which keep our organism free of toxins and foreign bacteria and viruses. In healthy bowels there are three times as many immune cells than in the spleen, bone marrow and the lymph nodes put together.
All of them contribute to our defensive forces, but can only be produced in the bowels when sufficient healthy bacteria constantly process the chyme (partially-digested food) so that it does not start to ferment or rot. In a healthy person, many billions of intestinal bacteria work on a daily basis to ensure that our digestion works and that we feel really well.

How to keep your bowels healthy:

Ensure you have regular bowel movements without laxatives

Eat plenty of vegetables, rice and potatoes, and little sugar and fat

Avoid preservatives in food

Drink 2 litres of fresh water every day

Do plenty of exercise in fresh air

Learn how to compensate for stress and frenetic activity, whether it is at work and in your leisure time

Consume active gut bacteria every day to compensate for the loss which occurs due to poor nutrition and stress

Avoid taking medication unnecessarily

This is how to stop putrefying bacteria and fermentation gases from establishing themselves in your bowels and destroying healthy gut flora.

Cleansing and regeneration:

An essential element of lastingly eliminating toxins and putrefying bacteria from the digestive system is the presence of a wide variety of intestinal bacteria strains. High-quality synbiotics such as OMNi-BiOTiC® consist of billions of active little helpers which have varying tasks: the production of vitamins and enzymes as well as repulsing physiologically undesirable microorganisms and the protection of the sensitive mucus membranes of the gut.

Last updated: Friday, 20. April 2018

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