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A balanced intestinal tract

For whom is OMNi-LOGiC® APPLE PECTIN suitable?

Our intestinal bacteria perform numerous tasks, including food digestion. All our intestinal bacteria can be divided into two major groups, known as Bacteroides and Firmicutes. When the bowel flora is healthy, these two groups are present in an optimum ratio of 1 : 1, which means that the bowel contains approximately the same quantity of each.

However, overweight individuals often have an imbalance in their intestinal flora with a marked predominance of the Firmicutes group of bacteria. When this happens, the ratio can shift up to 2,000 : 1. So, the bowel then contains 2,000 times more Firmicutes than Bacteroidetes!

Firmicutes have the special property of being able to break down food constituents that humans are actually unable to digest (known as fibre and complex carbohydrates). This creates a large quantity of easily digested carbohydrates in the bowel – much more than in a bowel with an optimum bacterial ratio – and these carbohydrates are absorbed in addition to the calories consumed. This "hidden" intake can easily add up to 200 more calories – and that's every day!

Added to this is the fact that the shift in bacterial ratio – towards Firmicutes – can become self-perpetuating: the greater the quantity of carbohydrates consumed (e.g. sugar, pasta, etc.), the better the Firmicutes feel and the more easily they are able to multiply in the bowel – a vicious circle has begun.

How does OMNi-LOGiC® APPLE PECTIN work

Apple pectin is the ideal food source for Bacteroidetes – the bacteria which support the excretion of sugar from the body. If the Bacteroidetes bacteria have enough apple pectin available to them, they multiply and take up long-term residence in our bodies.

Supplying viable symbionts (= probiotics) strengthens the "good" intestinal bacteria. These bacterial strains also require oxygen for their metabolism – these are what are known as aerobic or usually just facultatively anaerobic bacteria.


However, not all bacterial strains can simply be "ingested" – a large proportion of our intestinal bacteria is in fact strictly anaerobic and therefore cannot be cultured or stored outside of the body. As soon as they encounter oxygen, they die. This is why our anaerobic friends need special food (= prebiotics): if we feed these bacteria their favourite foods, we create the ideal habitat for them in our intestines. The "good" intestinal inhabitants thank us by multiplying and doing their work optimally.


3 capsules should be taken twice daily before meals with plenty of fluid.

Combine OMNi-LOGiC® APPLE PECTIN with the well-established OMNi-BiOTiC® metabolic: the specially selected bacterial strains in OMNi BiOTiC® metabolic displace the Firmicutes bacteria and correct the imbalance in the intestines. 


Apple pectin, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule shell)

Contains no animal protein, gluten, or yeast.

Suitable for diabetics, children, and during pregnancy / breast-feedin

Nutrition information

pro 6 capsules100 g
Calorific value46,4 kJ
11,2 kcal
1.007 kJ
244,3 kcal
Fat<0,1 g<0,1 g
of these, saturated fatty acids<0,1 g<0,1 g
Carbohydrates1,7 g37,3 g
of these, sugar<0,1 g<0,1 g
Protein0,1 g1,7 g
Salt<0,1 g<0,1 g


pro 6 capsules100g%NRV*
APPLE PECTIN3,9 g84,2 g-
of these, galacturonic acid

2,5 g54,7 g-

*% NRV= nutrient reference values according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011

Package sizes

180 capsules

Available from pharmacies.


Dietary supplement with beneficial fibre for intestinal bacteria.


*% NRV= nutrient reference values according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011

Last updated: Thursday, 26. July 2018

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