Gut-Related Problems

Nowhere else in the body is there more intensive contact with unknown and potentially harmful substances than in the intestines. This is where healthy food ends up, as well as all artificial colourings, emulsifiers and preservatives. This is why our intestinal wall needs an extremely powerful protective barrier in the form of healthy bacteria so that anything that could do harm does not penetrate our intestinal wall and enter the blood.


Health begins in the gut!

This insight is as old as medicine itself. In the 4000-year-old works of Ayurvedic healers, the intestine is described as the centre of well-being. And modern science confirms this insight too! Only when our digestive system is working well, do we really feed good in ourselves. This is because the intestine, with its billions of microorganisms, controls the majority of all metabolic processes in our body, it produces vital vitamins, enzymes and amino acids and it neutralises everything harmful that enters our bodies with food.

Intestinal problems

irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

What is IBS?

leaky gut syndrome omnibiotic

Leaky Gut

What are the consequences of a permeable gut?

chronic ibd

Chronic IBD

What are chronic inflammatory bowel diseases?


Bloating and Flatulence

Diagnosis and useful tips

diarrhoea upset stomach omnibiotic probiotics


Diagnosis and treatment approaches

diarrhoea upset stomach omnibiotic constipation


Diagnosis and treatment approaches

kids allergies pollen immune system


What role does your gut health play in allergies?

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