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Institut AllergoSan, based in Graz (Austria), was founded in January 1991 and has been dedicated to the research and development of products made from natural substances such as probiotic bacteria, plant extracts and minerals for over 30 years.

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Institut AllergoSan pursues a holistic approach. We aim to strengthen the foundations of human health even before diseases arise – and do so with what nature has provided for this purpose.

The focus of our work is to offer our customers scientific innovations that are committed to human health and nature. It is our declared goal to find the best solutions for complex health problems. After all, scientific innovation and safety are to be combined. For the greatest possible health benefit for our customers.

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Are you looking for the right multispecies probiotic for your health problems? Or are you looking for something specific? Then get in touch and consult our team of medical experts for a personalised recommendation for free!