Gut Health Connections

The intestine is the centre for many important processes in the body that are essential for human health. It performs vital tasks, whereby it depends on the help of its small inhabitants, the intestinal bacteria. 


More than just a digestive system

The intestine is much more than a “digestive tube”. Home to around 2 kg of bacteria, the intestine forms what is probably the most diverse organ in the body through millions of biochemical exchange processes.

The dietary fibres metabolised in the colon to short-chain fatty acids are absorbed by almost all tissues of the body and are important for the energy metabolism of various cells, regulate inflammatory processes and serve as an energy source for important cells of the colon. 70 – 80 % of all immune cells in the body are located in the intestine, making it the “immune headquarters”. Up to 20 hormones are produced in the intestine, some of which communicate with the brain and are thus important components of the so-called gut-brain axis. 

Intestinal bacteria can also intervene in the regulation of body weight. An unbalanced composition of the intestinal flora can have an unfavourable effect on health. Conversely, many factors such as lifestyle, diet, stress, environmental influences or medication have an effect on the composition of the intestinal bacteria.

Gut Health Connections

Immune System

Stress and Mental Health

Weight Management

Vaginal Flora

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

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