Economic Sustainability

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wirtschaftliche nachhaltigkeit

Economic Sustainibility

Institut AllergoSan aims to act as economically sustainable as possible while at the same time creating secure and attractive jobs for its employees. The high-quality standards coupled with renowned research work secure our business model in the long term and across generations. Through our scientific work, we not only play a decisive role in shaping the medicine of the 21st century but also receive a high level of trust in our products from our customers, as well as from doctors and pharmacists: It is not without reason that Institut AllergoSan is regarded as a globally recognised centre of excellence in microbiome research and OMNi-BiOTiC® is already the third largest probiotics brand in the world. We are constantly collaborating with international experts and renowned research institutions around the world, such as Charité Berlin, Zurich University Hospital, UKE Hamburg, Riyadh University Hospital and the University of California, San Diego.

We are already thinking about tomorrow today, we have set ourselves the goal of ensuring that our energy and resource consumption does not grow at the same rate as the company itself - which is why we are creating a carbon footprint for our business activities, which includes transparent resource management. This also allows us to take a detailed look at which areas we need to pay more attention to.