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Energy-efficient building
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Use of sustainable or recycled materials

The headquarters of Institut AllergoSan alone is a prime example of sustainable, energy-efficient construction with foresight: As early as the construction phase, we made sure to use regional companies with short travelling distances. The result speaks for itself today: in everyday working life, our unique building complex enables very low energy consumption for cooling and heating around the clock. Sustainability was also taken into account behind and above the scenes: The green roof prevents the surrounding areas from overheating, stores rainwater and is also home to an insect hotel to harbour wild bees and other beneficial insects. We are particularly proud of our in-house photovoltaic system with an output of 160 kWp, which covers our entire roof above the warehouse and provides energy in summer and winter to maintain a pleasant temperature during the working day. We are also increasingly focussing on electric energy for our vehicle fleet: both charging stations and the number of e-cars are constantly being expanded. What our employees appreciate the most: Everyone who travels to work by public transport is provided with a free ticket and makes a personal contribution to reducing CO2 emissions every day.

ressourcen und umwelt

One of the biggest global challenges is the availability of natural resources. Our motto is to use materials that are as environmentally friendly and recyclable as possible – from the product containers to the shipping cartons. To this end, we regularly check the market for ecological alternatives to use them as sustainably as possible while maintaining our strict in-house and EU-compliant quality criteria.

Our product tins in the entire META-CARE® range are made from 100% recycled material (rePET) and all packaging cartons are made from a sustainable FSC® mix or FSC® mix combined with PEFC certification (wood raw materials from sustainably climate-friendly managed forests).

To avoid plastic wherever possible and sensible, we have replaced the plastic padding in our parcels with recycled paper. To ensure that no material is wasted, we reuse existing cardboard boxes from our suppliers ourselves to ship our products.

In addition, a carbon footprint is created for all our business activities, which gives us precise transparency about the extent of our impact on the environment in each area. And this allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions in an even more targeted manner.