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The key to success lies in research and development

Institut AllergoSan continuously invests in research and development. By doing so it can offer its customers natural substances whose effectiveness is not only rapidly noticeable for the user, but also confirmed by scientific studies. In this way, we have been creating unique products for decades now which are primarily targeted towards promoting intestinal health.

The highest scientific standards

 “We have repeatedly shown our entrepreneurial courage by making large investments in research, because this is the only way we can guarantee that our products fulfil the highest scientific standards and thus really help our customers,” says Managing Director Anita Frauwallner about the philosophy behind Institut Allergosan.

High levels of investment in research

The company recently made one of the largest investments in research in its history. Four highly innovative projects in the field of microbiome research are being carried out at the Medical University of Graz. As early as 20 years ago, Institut Allergosan began to follow a courageous path in this regard. At that time, probiotic medicine was still a largely unresearched field with many unanswered questions.  When Institut Allergosan in Graz started to specialise in this area and to invest in microbiome research, many critical opinions were voiced.  “Some people thought we were mad, because from a financial point of view it did not seem to be a promising field at that time. But we weren’t acting on the basis of financial motives, but because we were convinced we could really help a lot of people in this way. That’s why we started to develop our OMNi-BiOTiC® products,” says Anita Frauwallner, who has led Institut Allergosan since its establishment.

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25 years of quality we are proud of

Quality criteria

Austria’s leading centre of excellence in the field of microbiome research applies the following quality criteria in the manufacturing of its products. 

Innovation and responsibility

The company has maintained this courageous attitude. Anita Frauwallner is convinced that such an attitude is required in every company to remain innovative. However, a high level of awareness of the company’s responsibility is also needed:  “We feel a great sense of responsibility towards our customers and our staff. Jobs have to be preserved, and the quality of the products ensured. Many of our customers rely on our products because they don’t have a replacement of similar value, so we have to provide them with a secure supply.” So that as many people as possible in other countries can also benefit from the high quality of Institut AllergoSan’s products in future, it is starting to expand abroad. “Our products are being received very well, because there is hardly anything comparable,” says Anita Frauwallner. In spite of all the changes in the company, Institut AllergoSan remains true to its principles: “A close connection between nature and science is the most important thing for us. That is what characterises our products,” Anita Frauwallner is pleased to say.

We feel a great sense of responsibility towards our customers and our staff.

Mag. Anita Frauwallner CEO of Institut AllergoSan


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